Saturday, September 28, 2013

30 Ideas in 30 Days: #29 Informal Bike Parking

30 Ideas in 30 Days

Having shown the success of Pallet Chairs to build community, we get you out of your chair and onto a bike with our next idea.

Informal bike parking. Credit: Mike Lydon, Tactical Urbanism Manual, v. 2
Idea #29: Informal Bike Parking

The lack of parking in many built up areas has inspired the installation of temporary and semi-permanent solutions to encourage bicycling as a substitute. Something as simple as a metal pipe affixed to a wall is sufficient to inspire bicyclists to ride and park. Placing such parking in front of stores may be used as a tactic to attract and service customers from a growing bicycle community. This approach is described in more detail with photographs in the Tactical Urbanism Manual, vol. 2.

Informal bike parking. Credit: Mike Lydon, Tactical Urbanism Manual, v. 2
Painting a bicycle outline with stencil and spray paint by the informal bike parking hardware might help to make the association ever more obvious.

Better Block Middlesborough was held from October 25-27, 2013, in Middlesborough, Kentucky. To help with planning for future events like this, please consider making a donation today!

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  1. I like this idea. Is there a way to start a bicycle race covering a portion of the city. Redlands, CA has for year used this as a drawing card and it is very successful.This may promote your endeavor. How about a children's bike race - ages 4-6 or 8 on the parking lot downtown or even the hill coming down from city hall or perhaps homemade go-carts.

  2. Hi Lone Ranger - We're looking at a few different routes that pass through town. I take it you're from the area given your knowledge of the City Hall hill? Send me a message at with a good number to reach you and maybe we can talk more about your idea and how to make it happen. Thanks, Isaac